New LFG and Cross Realm

You know, out of the few blogs I’ve been graced to find, most have talked about the new LFG Tool, as well as Cross Realm Dungeons. Most everyone seems to like it. To be sure, there are some bad things about it, I’m speaking about all you people who seem to love needing on Frozen Orbs, even though there’s not really a use for them anymore. Anyways, it kinda dawned on me that this new system was put into place for certain types of players. Players like me, who don’t always have a night to dedicate to playing and upgrading my character. Or people like the friends I play with, who just aren’t hardcore enough to get themselves into a guild that will consistently make progression in raids, so they make alts and need to gear them up.

That’s right, this new system is for the casual player. And you know what, I love it. Talk all you want about how it’s too easy for people to get gear nowadays. I’ve heard the stories; “Why, back in my day, we had to walk to and from MC, uphill both ways, IN THE SNOW!”. Yeah yeah, I know. Sit down, put your calloused feet up and take a load off and listen to me for a second. I completely agree with you. I do, and yet, I still say it’s good. Why’s that? Because not everyone is a noob in purples. There are people out there who this system is just about perfect for. The people who are tired of the class they’ve been playing, and would love nothing more than to roll that Pally and see just how green the grass is on the other side(It’s pretty green, trust me).

This system fits the people who don’t just throw on epics and call themselves “L33t!”, people who take the time to do the research required to perform their job as best as they can. When I started gearing my warrior, do you think I just hit 80 and started running random heroics? No, I ran as DPS in heroics, and ran whatever normals I could tank, in the wait times I read up on HOW to tank, I researched and read and compared. When I stepped into my first heroic to tank, I had 22k unbuffed health, I had 3 people who pulled a solid 3-5k DPS, each one. You can’t just face roll in that situation, you know. We pulled off the heroic(AN I believe), flawlessly. Granted, my taunt button got an amazing workout, but it gave me OJT on how to actually fight for aggro. I also had an amazing healer who stuck it out and told me that I was one of the most fun tanks he’d had in a while, because I wasn’t geared, but I knew what I was doing, at least enough to keep stuff on me.

That’s who this system is made for, people who actually want to PLAY a class, not just be another character in purples running around Dalarn screaming about how big their epeens are (Lets be honest, most of us have done this anyways, I sit around and flex my mana pool all the time). So say what you want about it, and I’ll agree, but we can’t have the good without the bad. So lets just focus on the good of this system, and when you find that Paladin who doesn’t know his Holy Light from his Divine Plea, kindly give him back his helmet, and point him in the direction of the short bus.

What do you guys think?


~ by Sadysm on January 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “New LFG and Cross Realm”

  1. People who are lvling JC need on frost orbs. Thought you’d know that 😛 I needed a bunch when I was gearing Dusken for the last lvls to cap. Got yelled at it for a few times, but it’s like “I rolled need cause I need em DERPDERP”

  2. I do know that, but I also know that I’ve accumulated over 50 Frozen Orbs without needing on a single one. SINCE the new patch came out.

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