When tanks say something is wrong…

Correct me if I’m wrong, but good players have a pretty good idea of what’s going on around them right? Tanks know when the raid is struggling, be it with heals, or DPS, or even if another tank is struggling. Healers should know when the tank is having trouble, and when DPS is staying in the fire too long looking for candy. And DPS…well….it’s been a while for me, but I tried to keep my eye on everything, but that’s just how I am. I like knowing everything that’s going on around me.

So, when you’re in a raid, and the tank is saying the heals are not getting the job done, or asking why he’s not receiving heals, something should be up right?

Here is how this went down. In 10 ToC last night on my warrior, tanking of course. I’d done it the weekend before, no problem. This run had mostly the same people, those that were different were better geared than my last run. Gormok comes out, me and the Paladin tank(Who was doing a great job by the way, for admitting to me the last time that he hadn’t run much of this before and was very unsure of himself, so props to him!) begin to play hot potato with him. 700K left and I die. Completely caught me off guard. Oh well, shit happens right? Brez comes up, I ask for some quick buffs and I’m ready to go in time for my next turn to taunt.

What do you think happened? 5 seconds into me taunting, I’m face down on the floor again. WTF?! Again, keep my cool, it happens right? I check back into the combat log, both times I didn’t receive heals for upwards of 5 seconds. Alright, healers must be sleeping. It’s ok, most times only takes a wipe to wake everyone up. Lets get back in there and get it done.

At this point, I’m paying major attention to what’s going on. I want to know what happened, was it a healer problem, was I taking absurd amounts of damage, I mean come on? What happened? If I’m effing stuff up, I’d like to know it. So once again, Gormok comes out, part way into the fight, WAM! I hit the ground. Brez goes out, hit the ground again. I’m absolutely flabbergasted. We’re running with a Pally and Priest healer, two healing this(didn’t find out until later though, thought our Shaman was Healing when she was really DPS). But seriously, when I’m on my Pally, I’ve got no problem keeping two tanks up by myself, and this healer isn’t far behind me in gear, so I know he’s capable. So I ask who’s in charge of healing me, sure enough, it’s the Pally. So I ask him(in the nicest way possible mind you), what’s wrong? I then explain that the 4 times I’ve died(in two fights, TWO!), that I had not received heals for at least 5 seconds. At that point I started noticing a lot of things about this raid. Only two people were above 3k DPS, we’re running two healers and tanks are dying. Something had to change or this raid wasn’t going anywhere. I offered to bring in my Pally to help out with healing, and was quickly told no, they had enough healers.


I’m in shock. I mean, the tank is saying he’s not receiving heals, but the healers are good enough. 2 + 2 are adding up to 3 right now and it should not be. Fine, one more attempt. Everyone lives through until Icehowl when DPS decides not to move away from charge and we wipe to 3 enrages.

At this point even the raid leader(the one who said the two heals were enough), was going to call it when someone brought up the idea of doing the Weekly Raid boss, Noth if my memory serves me correct. But not me, I had had quite enough of this group and this night.  I say no, thanks for the invite, leave Vent/Raid/Game. Not necessarily in that order, but all in all took maybe 2 seconds to drop everything.

Was I wrong? Am I being completely stubborn here? I mean please, I’m all for admitting a mistake when I make it, and then striving to not make it again, but I’ve tried as hard as I can, and I can’t really blame a whole lot of this on me. What would you guys have done in this situation?



~ by Sadysm on January 7, 2010.

One Response to “When tanks say something is wrong…”

  1. Your reaction seems reasonable to me. If anyone was being stubborn it was the raid leader for not being willing to change things up.

    I would have left too.

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