Douchebaggary Of The Highest Order

So, I’m hoping I don’t need to break this down for you too much. I’m DPSing. I’m picking up Harpoons, and My Girl LOVES to Skadi All the Time! It’s been a personal goal of mine that everytime I pick up those harpoons, I do the achievement, so here I am doing. After everyone found out I was picking them up, our healer was less than happy about it.

After we cleared that boss I made the mistake of pulling aggro on one of the trash pulls, and stayed at about 34% health until the Pally Tank decided to heal me. Love people being mature!

Here’s the final conversation. Some people just can’t be talked or reasoned with. I mean, all I did was inform her(it?) that they would be appearing in my blog. Oh well, the instance was finished without me. If I wasn’t going to get heals over something stupid, I wasn’t going to contribute to the group. Probably more childish of me than anything, as the rest of the group was fine with it, and they didn’t deserve what I did, or didn’t do as the case may be, but Ymiron was downed no problem.

I hate people like this.



~ by Sadysm on January 10, 2010.

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