Champion of the Frozen Wastes

Well, after a long long while, my Paladin finally achieved this title. I’ve been unable to get into a Malygos run, ever, on him. And now I remember why. Maly kills people who don’t know what the hell to do, in VERY short order I might add. Well, lucky me, Maly is the weekly for me, so I hop in there on my healer with a couple guildies, and I’m looking at this group, and I’m thinking to myself, “Hey, this used to be pretty easy when we had it on farm, shouldn’t be that hard now.”

I’m happy, we’re gonna down this mother and show him who’s boss.

Oops, we need another healer, I’m the only one. Right about then is when I really get to scratching my brain.

I’m an elite bad ass. I bet I could heal this solo. In fact, I’m such an elite bad ass that I KNOW I could heal this solo. It’ll be a cakewalk. Who doesn’t love cake? I LOVE me some cake. Lets do this.

Nope. Raid leader doesn’t think I can do it.

Come on coach! Put me in! I know which way to run down the field this time, I swear!

“You sure you think you can do this?”

“Hell to the motha flippin NAW! Thinking is for losers, I KNOW I can do this shit!”

“Rofl, lets go then.”


Not really that bad, but more people were taking damage than I was quite comfortable handling. But we make it just fine through Phase 1. Vortex was a bitch, but a few Holy Lights and everyone was peachy keen.

Then comes P2. Oh god. Someone shoot me now. What?! You mean people take huge damage spikes when they’re not in the bubbles?! WHY DON’T I REMEMBER THIS?! Actually, wasn’t that bad. In fact, the hardest part of that fight was people running to the OTHER side of Maly because our DK couldn’t pick one spot to put a Spark down on. Almost lost one guy cause I couldn’t reach him.

Then P3 starts. I’m thinking, we’ve got this. I’ve got another guy helping me heal on this part, so we’re golden.

Nope. Apparently when we said “STACK on each other in P3” that meant “Run around like your drake has it’s head stuck up it’s own ass!” We lost 5 people in the first 20 seconds, including my back up healer. Oh god, so now I’m solo healing 5 people? In P3? This being my first time EVER healing on this phase? Oh shit….

I can’t even see my screen, the only thing in my field of vision is Grid. It’s all green squares. Light green is good, I can heal you, dark green is OMFG WTFZORZ WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GO?!?!?! The only person to stack on P3 was me, when I was stacking on the person I was healing. And when I had to heal myself, well there was NO ONE stacked.

After what seemed like an eternity(pun completely intended) of grid watching, I see two achievements pop up on my screen. I faint, we can’t have pulled that off, it’s impossible. There’s no way it happened. I don’t believe! Sure as shit though, somehow we managed to pull it off.

And while I know some of you might be thinking “Hell, it’s 10 man Maly, WTF are you proud of?!” Try solo healing that bastard as a Pally. AOE Healer I am not.

To be honest, it wasn’t the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but damned if it wasn’t a challenge that I enjoyed every stinkin’ moment of. So I think I might set a goal, to solo heal every boss I can. Every boss in Naxx, solo heal. Solo heal OS, hell I’d even attempt Vault. Not because I think I’m such an elite bad ass, but because almost none of the fights I’ve done so far are a CHALLENGE to heal, none of them cause me to sweat cause I think it’s all on me. Sure, ICC is hard for me to heal sometimes, but it’s a gear thing, not a skill thing.

What kinds of challenges do you set for yourselves? I’d like to hear what you do to keep yourself entertained in your own dome-piece.



~ by Sadysm on January 12, 2010.

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