I am a horrible tank.

I have to be. It’s the only way I can justify what happened yesterday. H HoL. Yes, I’ve run it about 5 times already that day, but it’s good badges, easy running, why drop? So we’re off to the races. We get down to where you’re pulling before General, and damned if the DK didn’t drop. Oh well, didn’t want his ass anyways. We proceed to 4 man it to General when another DK auto joins the group. Awesome, I love DK’s having originally been one. I know they’re good DPS when they’re awake, or if they’ve passed out ON their keyboard. So I pull General thinking he’ll be there in a second. 4 minutes later(No kidding), he comes in, General is at 20% health, and we down him. One shot. over a 5 minute fight. I check the DPS, 2k DPS from the other 2 DPS, 200 from this new DK. I’m hoping I’m wrong. He just showed up. There’s no way he pulled 200 DPS. My computer is broke, recount is broke, there’s a glitch in the Matrix, SOMETHING. Chance number two, I’m paying REAL close attention to the meters on the next trash pull. Sure enough, everything around me is almost dead when he decides to join in. After the pull, 298 DPS. Oh we are SO done with this. I ask him how he’s doing so horrible. His response? “I need better gearz!”



He’s in blues. No epics. Some greens. Back when my DK hit 80, I was pulling 3k DPS in blues. It’s not hard. We’re talking DK’s here. You can auto swing for 1.5k. He’s simply not doing anything. Lazy ass. And I HATE lazy asses. I ask the healer NOT to heal this guy. And he proceeds to die on the elemental gauntlet pull thing. No rez for him. He obviously wasn’t expecting one cause he immediately released. We clear our way to the second boss, and I watch him(on the map and his health), attempt to run through the gauntlet again. He dies. We pull the boss, can’t 4 man him down before he gets back in, but he wasn’t a part of it anyways. He makes it to us on the next pull, just in time for the 15 minute timer to go off and him to be booted.

I hate lazy asses. Seriously, what drives people do things like this? I can’t even begin to imagine pulling that kind of stunt on people I don’t know. I’ve got common decency, I have a sense of pride.

So I’m figuring he’s not a horrible human being. It had to be that I looked like such a horrible tank, that he was afraid of pulling aggro off me, so he gave me a 2 minute grace period to start up his DPS, so that I could build threat. That had to be it.

I am the douche bag magnet of Randoms.


~ by Sadysm on January 12, 2010.

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