Druid Time!

It’s now time for me to level my 4th and final tanking class to 80. Got myself a druid, currently he’s at 30. Grinding while in que for Randoms seems to be moving fairly quick, but that could just be the rested talking. One thing I’ve noticed is Swipe is insanely over-fricken-powered. Hit’s EVERYTHING in front of you?! The only restriction I’ve seen so far is right now I’m rage starved like a madman. I feel like I just started running as Fury on my warrior with 48 hit. Yeah, no rage = no tanking. Laying off the Swipe and using Maul(glyphed of course) seems to be the best way to get things done, with the occasional swipe. Also can’t wait till 40, gonna nab dual spec and be a healer as well. Tanking/Healing, I’m sensing a theme with my characters.

Any tips from you druid types out there?


~ by Sadysm on January 16, 2010.

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