Meet Allagi

Meet Allagi.

I know I know, where’s the theme at? Turns out I’m not too good at it past a certain point, so I stole the name of one of the best druid tanks I’ve ever met(from my Horde server), sorry Allagi. Eventually I’ll think of something good and throw a Sady in there and pay for a name change. But for now, it is what it is.

Well, this is gonna be my fourth tank, and second healer. Right now he’s sitting at 38. I quested with him as Feral all the way till the end of Duskwood(probably about 27 or so, I enjoy Kitty grinding), but then left him out to gear my hunter and play with the new LFG system and badge farming and whatnot. Well now that I’m bored, it’s back to this guy. But I’m gonna try something new with him. I’m going to level him to 60 using ONLY the LFG Tool. That’s right. Randoms, day in and day out. So far it’s working well, from 28 to 38 in a weekend, most of that was tanking, but unfortunately the noobness that’s infecting the LFG system at level 80 in heroics began in the 15-60 range, because it’s running flipping rampant so far as I can tell. Hunters who shoot things before I can LoS them around a corner and then complain when they get hit. Ret Pally’s who think Righteous Fury improves their damage. DPS who think a tank is pulling too slow and pulls for him, when he’s just simply new to tanking and very uncomfortable with it. As it stands, I decided to heal my way to 60 instead of tank, because it’s fun, less stressful, and I can let noobs die.

So, here’s what I’ll be blogging about for a bit. A lonely druids trip to level 60 and beyond using the LFG Tool. So far, quite successful. Que times as a tank as you’d expect are instant, but as a healer they range anywhere from a minute to 10. Ahh well, gives me time to read and research just HOW to be a tree(I seriously don’t want to wait till 50 to get this lovely little form, I really don’t!). The unfortunate side of things is back in Vanilla there apparently wasn’t a whole lot of variety in your instances. There was one or two dungeons for your level range, and so far it’s making things a little boring. How many times can they expect me to run SM: Graveyard? I mean really? 20 times in a row actually. But the SM range went well, due to the fact that they’re pretty easy to clear. But RFD seems to be kicking my ass now, especially that last little bit where all you’re doing is running circles. Ahh well, soon to be away from that.

What are your experiences with the LFG Tool as a lowbie? Any tips out there for the newbie healing druid you might see running around? I think I’ve got a handle on it, I mean, I’ve got only 3 healing spells, and I’m smart enough to figure out what they all do! Anyways, we’ll see how tomorrow goes. Maybe I can get something besides RFD to run!



~ by Sadysm on January 19, 2010.

One Response to “Meet Allagi”

  1. Good luck .. I enjoyed the lfg so much on my tanking pally going from 60-73 in what felt like no time compared to my first level 80 toon, I am going back and starting a shammy and hopefully lfg’ing my way to glory .. 🙂 Just haven’t decided if one healing spell makes me worthy of clicking on the healer button in the lfg or if I should just dps my way through ..

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