I’ve been had.

Sigh, it’s happened again. Someone got my account. Only this time they threw an Authenticator on it. Armory my characters, and my warrior is missing half his gear, and I would put a paycheck on it saying my gold is missing. I’d also bet dollars to donuts that I’m now the proud owner of a level 1 character on quite a few realms, as my account has been locked and suspended due to abuse of the World of Warcraft Chat Channels. I’m currently waiting on Blizzard to give me an update, as I was pointed to a post on the Support Forums that is supposed to take care of this specific problem without having to wait the 1-umpteen hours of calling in to Blizzard and having this resolved.

So here’s my nod to keeping your account secure. Run virus scanners often, and don’t share your information with someone you wouldn’t mind sharing underwear with. Also, I’m not sold on the Authenticator yet, but damned if it isn’t doing a great job of keeping me out of my own account. For 6.50 I might have to actually invest in one of these things. For those of you who DON’T know what it is, basically it’s a little keychain that generates a code, and when you log into Warcraft, you have to type in that code to gain access to your account. The code changes everytime you log in, so it’s not something someone can write down and keep using. Seems fail proof to me, but then again, my password is pretty secure, yet somehow I was gotten.

Anyways, keep your shit as secure as possible, because even though it’s pixels on a screen, they’re pixels that we enjoy and that we’ve worked to have, and there’s no sense to have them just randomly gone one day.



~ by Sadysm on January 20, 2010.

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