Well, while waiting on Blizzard to restore all my gear, I’ve been reduced to tanking my randoms. On the plus side, I’ve got a fancy new tanking spec for Heroics, that allows me to pull top damage in MOST situations, unless I’ve got DPS that’s really on their game. How so you ask? Well, it involves Seal of Command. For those of you who don’t know, Seal of Command is a Ret Talent that causes you to deal additional Holy damage with every attack, and also will attack an additional 2 targets when you use an ability that strikes a single target.

Let me break that down for you. My already amazing AOE ability is now even better. Everything strikes multiple targets. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. How do you achieve this? Simple. Take your single point out of Conviction, and move it over to Seal of Command. Easier than Tiger Woods cheating on his wife.

Now, how to make this even better? Change your Glyph’s! Most Pally tanks I see are running around with Glyph’s of Divine Plea, Hammer of the Righteous, and Righteous Defense. Divine Plea is amazing, I pretty much refuse to let go of it, though I could see how some would, given my reasons for other glyph’s. Hammer of the Righteous, one other target, not so good, so I replaced it with Glyph of Judgement, which gives you a 10% increase in Judgement damage, which is a 10% increase of damage to 3 targets, whereas normally it would give a 10% increase in damage to just the one target. Instead of my Glyph of Righteous Defense, which increases the chance of your Righteous Defense and Hand of Reckoning to work by 8%, I chose to go with Glyph of Seal of Command, which returns 8% of your base mana every time you use a Judgement while Seal of Command is active.

I feel this combination is pretty amazing for the current state of our Random LFD/Cross Realm situation. Here’s my reasons why:
1. With Glyph of Seal of Command I don’t have to constantly have Divine Plea up, or continuously pull, or pull insane amounts of mobs to keep my mana up. I’ve run into situations where the healer isn’t the best geared and I have to slow down for them, which in turn makes me lose mana and not be able to get it back, which slows us down even more. This alleviates that problem.
2. Glyph of Judgement + Seal of Command makes it MUCH easier to hold multiple mobs without dropping Consecrate. Not that it was hard in the first place, but good DPS makes it slightly irritating. This makes it cake again, which also helps with number 1 in not having to waste mana on Consecrate.
3. Coming 2nd or 3rd on the damage meters usually means we’ve got bad DPS. Now, when I top both Damage Done AND DPS charts, it means I’m on top of my own damned game. I started this game out as DPS, so toping the damage meters always strokes my Epeen a bit.

Those are my reasons, I enjoy the hell out of them. I’m not saying this is how it has to be. In fact, I could give very good reasons for dropping the Divine Plea glyph instead of others, and I guarantee it would work just as well. Either way, this makes things slightly more fun in Heroics than it was before, and since all I have right now is my tanking set, that’s a very good thing.



~ by Sadysm on January 27, 2010.

4 Responses to “Sigh…..update.”

  1. Thats fantastic .. I have heard of running with seal of command .. but I just found vengeance to perform better .. I hadn’t though about changing the glyphs around to suit the Seal of Command play style .. I think I will keep righteous defense and drop divine plea since I would assume the mana return from juding with SoC would make up for not having plea constantly refreshing .. I am going to switch my stuff around and try it out!

  2. Yeah, like I said, the glyph’s really are preference. As it stands, Vengeance still outperforms Command on boss fights. So take that into consideration as well. If you use the Glyph of SoV because you still need the Expertise, I’d keep that as well, and then use Glyph of Divine Plea and Glyph of SoC. Personally I like having a glyphed Divine Plea for boss fights, but hey, to each their own.

  3. Can you link to full spec in Armory. Just curious.


    More than likely I’m logged out in my Holy Spec/Gear, but my Prot spec is still for Heroics.

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