Back in Business!

Blizzard was kind enough last night to restore all of my gear/gold to me that was taken when my account was hacked.

I was extremely happy, so I celebrated by hopping into 10 man ICC with my warrior tanking. Trash was going fine and good, we get to Marrowgar and the shit hits the fan. Once again, I’m dying and I have a feeling I know why, but I can’t know for sure. So I pop into the healer channel and send a whisper or two to figure out what the healing assignments are, and sure enough, our Holy Pally is on tanks, so why am I dying? It’s time to read Combat Log. As Bone Storm ended and I started building threat on Marrowgar, I took 44k worth of damage from Saber Lash, over a series of 4 Saber Lashes. 44k. Healing received in the same amount of time? One tick of renew, roughly 1300 healed I believe.

I’m starting to think this Pally has it out for me. Cause I know for a fact this guild can make it through ICC, cause they’ve done it. I’ve sat around and listened to them and watched them in Guild Chat talk about it and do it. This guy is the healing lead, he makes all the raids, so let me reitterate, HE-CAN-DO-IT. So where is the failure? Is it me? Is Sadystic not cut out for tanking raids? Are Warriors simply on the short end of the spectrum for viable tanks? I don’t buy it, I don’t buy it one fricken bit. I know guilds progress with ONLY Warrior tanks, so I know it’s not the class. I’m equipped with TOC 10/T9 gear, so I know it’s not a gear issue, or maybe it is. Is 36k unbuffed health too low for 10 ICC? I don’t believe so, but hell, I’m so out of the raiding game right now it just might be. Maybe it’s operator error? Maybe I just can’t pull off Warrior tanking? I’ve been told before I’m easier to heal than other tanks, but I don’t know.

No. I seriously believe that this guy either has a grudge, or is just stupid. As we’re leaving to go do the Weekly of ToC, he apologizes to me about the raid healer, as she’s a little undergeared for this stuff, and we probably shouldn’t have brought her along. What? No really….WHAT?!?!?! The only time we lost someone was when DPS was slow getting on the Bone Spike. No sir. This is where I draw the line. Trying to divert blame onto someone else for your own damned mistakes, no bueno. I had to inform him that I had run with this particular healer before, and I had full confidence in her as a healer. His reply? “Yeah lol. But man, I tried to throw a heal on “random raid member” and you dropped like a rock!”


If I wasn’t already over the edge, that did it. You are a fucking Paladin. Paladin does not equate to raid healer. If we are on PROGRESSION content, and you are the ONLY healing Paladin in the raid, it is my complete and utter believe that it better be a last god damned ditch effort for you to throw a heal on someone who is not a tank. Those of you who have been healing a while, you have the feeling, you just KNOW when you can let your tank take a bit of extra damage to help spot heal someone who is going to die if you don’t. It’s an acquired skill, and quite frankly, this douche nozzle has not acquired it. So stick to what your class is good at, Beacon one tank, and spam your god damned heal buttons on the other tank. When you’ve got tanks dying, you cannot afford to be healing the raid….

But this is just my opinion. Take that as you will.



~ by Sadysm on January 28, 2010.

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