Stepping Back Into Raiding

I had completely forgotten what it was like to have 24 other people surrounding you, working towards the common goal of dropping bosses and passing out purples.

God I missed it.

After a long discussion with my RL(Real Life), I made the decision to get back into raiding. So I apped to a 25 Man guild on my server, and immediately signed up for the weeks 25 man ICC. It. Was. Awesome! First time really in 25 man ICC, and the first time I’ve healed progression runs. Let me tell you, standing behind the boss and swinging a big axe is nothing to running around playing Whack-A-Mole with Grid. Then again, not really Whack-A-Mole as a Paladin, more like “ZOMG ZOMG OMFG TANK DAMAGE HEAL THAT SHIT!!!”
Yeah. I’ve been too used to 5 mans and being able to solo heal the tanks in 10 mans. 25 stuff is a whole different ball game. I’m not kidding. Yesterday on Anub, I threw out a Holy Light to keep the tank topped off, then went to judge Anub for my haste buff, and SPLAT, tank died. After all the hooplah died in Vent, this is what my new guild heard…
Sorry guys! My bad, misjudged the OMG factor here. Won’t happen again. And it didn’t.

Anyways, first raid day, stepping into 25 ICC, man was I excited. I love raiding, it’s what makes this game fun, and here I am, back in the saddle again. Clearing trash up to Marrowgar, couldn’t be happier. Get to Marrowgar, and I’m expecting a doozy, in a bad way. He hits like a truck on 10 man, so I’m expecting a train here. He did not disappoint. First Bone Storm was spent me muttering on vent “What…the…eff….man…” Healers laughed, tanks wondered what they did wrong. I was like a kid in a candy shop, saying whatever came to mind cause I was so excited. Anyways, one wipe into it and I realize I’ve blown through about 85% of my mana before we wipe it up. Hrm. I must be doing something wrong. I mention it in Party Chat that I’m using a whole lot of mana, W. T. F. I’ll figure it out. Anyways, one wipe to get us into the zone and Marrowgar goes down. Turns out Holy Light spam isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Nor is it needed when you’ve got a good set of healers. I’m used to solo healing tanks, but now I don’t have to, nor could I even if I wanted to. Holy Bomb here and there, with mostly Flash Heals going out. Pew Frick Pew. Get to Deathwhisper, I asked that the raid leaders don’t explain anything, I’m in a mood, I’m trying to prove myself, let me figure the fights out as we go, let me roll with the punches. It’s one of the qualities about myself I put on my application.

What happened? I died. Ghosts in P2 hurt. Especially right after you’ve been frostbolted while moving out of a Death and Decay. I spent the last 20% on my face. Oh well, it happens. On to Lootship. I hear the great words, “Sady, you’re on so and so, pay attention cause he’s going over”. Well roger the eff out of that. Do they want me to hop over as well for heals? Nope, just stay on the edge. Well I don’t like it but I do what I’m told. Until the first time this tank goes over. He goes out of range to grab Saurfang, and Saurfang puts a hurting on him as he’s bringing him back. He didn’t die, but you best believe I was on Vent saying something along the lines of “I’ll be damned if this dude is gonna die cause I can’t reach him from the edge, Sady’s going over from now on.” So many minutes later Gunship is over, and Welcome to the Guild Sady, here’s your first piece of loot. I’m ecstatic, I’ve been waiting forever to replace this crappy ass belt of mine, and there’s one for me. I love you guys. No Probabtion Loot Rules, just a good job and here’s a cookie. On to Saurfang. Right about here is where my experience dwindles. I’ve never downed him. Ever. 10 or 25. I know the premise for the fight though, and I know on 25 man he spawns 5 adds instead of just 2. Fun stuff. Then I hear this.

“Sady, stand here. Good, now put Righteous Fury on and heal shit.”

“…..”Trust me, they could hear the absolute silence coming from my vent.

“You got that Sady? Righteous Fury?”

“I’m not gonna argue with you, but you DO understand that this goes against every rule I’ve ever learned/made as a healer right? I mean, you understand I’m a Paladin, and I’m Holy Lighting for anywhere from 13-27k right?”

“Yup, trust me, this Boomkin right here is gonna make sure they don’t touch you. Typhoon and all. But if you DO get hit, just bubble.”

The reasoning was with me having Righteous Fury on, standing at max range from the tanks, I would generate enough aggro on them as they spawned to pull them all towards me, which would get them out of melee and give the ranged time to get them and begin the kiting/killing process. It worked for the most part, except for the part where we realized Saurfang is bugged and is gaining Power at a tremendous rate. I think our best attempt was 36% with 6 marks having gone out. Man was I happy. I haven’t had this much fun in a long time. I think I’ve found a home. So far I haven’t ran into someone I can’t stand, nor have I run into someone who is blatently stupid. All good so far.

Second night we skip ICC due to bugs and head over to 25 ToC. There are still some upgrades I can get there, so I’m all for healing it. Once again, it was fun, while mostly laid back. Got my first piece of Triumph and a decent chest upgrade. So all in all, I got 6 upgrades over 2 days. I say 6 cause while I got 3 actual new pieces of gear, my old pieces are going to my SP/FoL set.

So that’s what I’ve been up to.

In other news, the changes to Divine Sacrifice and Divine Guardian are great. With a macro, I can give 20% damage reduction to the raid at no cost to myself. As I read it when I found out about it, Blow it early, and blow it often!


~ by Sadysm on February 4, 2010.

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