On Hacks and Druids

So I was definitely hacked again, as if you couldn’t tell from my last post. I apologize that the content of that post wasn’t exactly worthy of, well, the name content. For those of you who found it a bit offensive, here’s a straw, suck it up.

This time, not only did I lose everything, they transfered my Pally over to another server. Yeah. What kills me is, a lot of other people knew I had been hacked before I did. Our guild leaders wife (really, isn’t SHE the guild leader?!), saw me naked in Stormwind, and demoted me to “In Deep Shit” just to be safe. Then saw me leave the guild, watched on Armory as I was transfered. Sigh. A buddy of mine I used to work with actually saw the hacker in the act of DEing my stuff, and when he questioned the guy about it, he was offered some of the abyss crystals.

All that doesn’t irk me so much. It’s happened before, I’ll get my stuff back. No, what gets me this time is they didn’t leave my alts alone. My alts were completely wiped. I was saved from insanity last time by my Druid, who still had all his gear, if not his gold. I was able to level him to about 56 before I got my Pally back and got back into raiding. Well, this time, he wasn’t so lucky. So I said goodbye to my guild, I didn’t plan on logging in until I got my stuff back. Well, apparently I don’t like TV that much, the night after I’m back on, and with the help of a couple helpful guildies, I got my druid outfited with some Resto gear, and I was off again to level. I’m determined to level something from 1-80 I guess. I haven’t actually leveled something since my Hunter back pre-BC. My pally now I did with Recruit-A-Friend, my DK started at level 55 so I don’t count it, and my Warrior I got at 75 from a buddy who stopped playing. So out of my 3 80’s, I was only there 1-60 for one of them, and I can’t really count it cause I was being run through instances leveling like 3 times a run.

Anyways, one night I leveled 56 to 61. I was impressed. Currently my Druid is sitting at 66, and I’ve got the tanking bug, but I’ve forgotten who swollen that level range is with DK tanks. Yes, even this long after Wrath came out, Outlands is still plagued by DK’s who want to tank, some of which don’t even know what Frost Presence is. 

You know what else that level range is full of? Asshats. I’ve seen more asshats and instances of douchebaggery than I care to admit. Like Berzik the mage who loves to run ahead and pull packs of mobs before we get the ones we’re on currently down. The tank refused to taunt off him and I refused to heal him. In fact, after the first pack I whispered him and told him that everytime he pulled something he was gonna die, cause I wasn’t going to heal him, cause frankly, he was a bad tank. His response? He’s a better tank than the tank. Well alrighty then, lets see that then….oh what? I can’t understand you! Speak up! OH that’s right, you can’t talk right now cause you’re a splat of gnome shit on the ground. Somehow we make it to the last boss, and I die because no one DPSed the adds, who decided I was a great target to sit there and just pew pew on. I lasted long enough for us to down the boss, but they don’t just go away, and I can only take so much. So when I died, this mage (who BTW pulled the boss before we were done with the last pack of mobs, somehow survived with 100 health left and did not DPS the boss at all during the fight), simply said “Learn 2 die in a fire newb!” and dropped group.

Really? I couldn’t help but laugh. I mean seriously, I can only imagine a 10 year old acting like that. Some peoples kids.

Another thing I seem to be running into, and although it really isn’t a big deal, it really does get on my nerves, is Paladins who refuse to give blessings, or Paladins who give 10 minute blessings when they have the greater versions. I mean, maybe it’s cause my main is a paladin, but seriously, it really does bug me when I have to ASK for a blessing. I’m nice and polite though, I say please the first time. After that you best believe there’s no please and I’m throwing a bitch in there somehow. I think the 10 minute blessings bug me so much cause I know I’m gonna have to pay attention to my own buff bar, on top of my grid, which are nowhere near each other on the screen. Maybe it’s also because I make sure I have enough reagents on me to give out my Greater Gift of the Wild, hell I get mad at myself if I get under 40. Perhaps it’s my personality type, if I can do something for someone else, I’m gonna do it usually. Especially if it takes no extra effort on my part. Whatever, it is what it is.

Good news is though, I’m absolutely loving my druid. I haven’t enjoyed a character this much since I learned Pally’s could tank(Oh the days of Kara when I came in there in blues showing our warrior tanks what AoE tanking was all about)!. Healing is definitely more involved, I have a ton more tools at my disposal. I mean, I wish I could heal like this on my Pally, yet still wear plate. I LOVE how plate looks. Oh well, can’t have it all. This seriously might become my main alt, and my warrior might become my tank/frost badge farmer. I dunno, we’ll see how tanking is now that I have Lacerate. So far all it’s been is Swipe, Swipe, Swipe, oh wait, FFF, Swipe. I like the furry bear butt, but really, one button tanking isn’t fun. So Lacerate should make things a little more interesting. But hell, I might not even get to try it out due to the over inflation of tanks right now. I mean seriously, I had a 12 minute wait time as a tank last night. I gave up at 2 and got an instant healer queue.

Such is life. So what kind of off the beaten path travels have you guys had lately?


~ by Sadysm on February 8, 2010.

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