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Well, I said that I was going to be writing about how effective it is to level solely by LFG, no questing(outside of instance quests shared inside an instance), and absolutely no grinding(unless you count grinding instances). I’ve kinda strayed from that. In fact, I’ve gone so far from that that I need the Hubble to tell me where it is. Well, here’s my input for how LFD leveling is.

Fast. I’m not talking Kitty using Dash fast. Faster. Rogue using Sprint and the engineering boots type fast? Nope, even faster. I’m talking Wiley Coyote fast. NASA Rocket type fast here.

I’m talking from 56-61 in one night. 61-66 in one weekend. Once I hit 70 I’m gonna mark down the date, and what my play time is at, and then I’ll check it when I hit 80.  I imagine it’s gonna be rather quick.

Seems quick to me. Quicker than I could do just by questing. I guess it also helps that I ran instances as a healer or tank. Only a few times did I get chosen as DPS. So quick queue times were critical to me leveling as fast as I have. I don’t see this changing either. I’m going to be staying Tank/Healer(I know right now I’m Kitty, went that way for questing purposes), and I’m going to keep on running instances. I’ll go back at 80 and do quests if I need the gold(probably will for Cold Weather Flying and Epic Flying).

How has your experience been with the LFD tool while leveling?


~ by Sadysm on February 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “LFD Tool”

  1. I have two toons who I’ve been leveling mostly with the LFD tool. They’ve gone from low 70 to 75. It is fairly quick, especially for my tanking toon, but I only run a few dungeons a week. I do find that the groups you get for the dungeons are extremely sketchy though. At level 80, almost all of my LFD experiences have been positive. At level 70, it’s rare that anyone knows what the heck they’re doing and it’s quite frustrating.

    Make sure to pick up the quests for the instances. Makes levelling a lot quicker.

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