Abusing your Power.

Rohan over at Blessing of Kings made an interesting post today. http://blessingofkings.blogspot.com/2010/02/healer-hubris.html if you want to read it. It regards healers who abuse their power over others by not healing people who they decide are complete asshats. The general gist is he doesn’t believe healers have the right to pick and choose who gets healed and who does not, and those that do are abusing their power. At least that’s the idea I got from reading it.

Coming from a healers perspective, it kind of depends on the situation. On my Pally, I’ll usually heal everyone, even DPS who decide they want to tank either by pulling aggro off the tank or by pulling ahead of the tank. There’s not too many DPS I can’t keep up through normal trash pulls, so I consider it a sort of challenge to keep those people up as well as my tank. However on my Druid, where normal UK is still touch and go for me on healing, if DPS is pulling ahead of the tank, I’m sorry, I don’t have the regen or mana pool, or the spellpower to keep two people up at once. It’ s just not going to happen. I’ll be OOM halfway through everything and then we’re all screwed. On my Druid I tend to let those DPS die, because all in all their asshattery is detrimental to the group as a whole. Now, if a DPS is just acting like a douchebag, I’ll still heal, as their actions are not affecting the group in any serious sort of way, other than getting on some nerves. That’s what my ignore button is for.

But seriously, is it not within my rights to better serve the group as a whole by letting someone die who is making everyone elses  job harder by their actions? As a tank, if a DPS is pulling ahead of me, or when I’m having threat issues if they’re not giving me proper time to establish aggro, does it not serve the group more to let them die? If I see the healer is struggling a bit, and the DPS will not compensate for that, why should I keep their repair bills low?

I don’t consider that an abuse of power. I consider that using the assets I am given to make a group of 5 move forward and progress in whatever content we’re in. Were I to be not healing people because I did not like their attitude or not like what they were saying, THAT would be an abuse of power.  Even a tank is not exempt from this. Tanks who refuse to give healers time for mana deserve to die once or twice, in my opinion.

All in all, play the game you want, it’s your 15 dollars, but remember for that short period of time, the way you play your 15 dollars affects 4 other people, and you all have to work together, and for that time, must perform as a team.

What do you guys think? Seriously I’d like to see opinions on this, this topic intrigues me.

In other news. Finally hit 70 on my Druid. Here’s what happened. Time stopped. Seriously. Usually I’d level every instance or two. Right now I’m 4 UK’s into 70 and I’m just over halfway. That’s with two instance quests as well. I have a feeling 70-80 is going to be a huge time sink that’s going to have to hit the backburner once I get my gear back on all my 80s. Ahh well. He’ll get there eventually.


~ by Sadysm on February 11, 2010.

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