On Ret and Raids

God help me. I’m considering dropping my Prot off spec, and picking up a Ret spec. I dread having to farm up the gear for it, and then the emblems for gems, all for having something that I’ll rarely use. But really, it’ll serve me and my guild better than me having a prot off spec. Think about it, I’m main spec healer. There are very few times when I’ve seen our guild ask healers to go DPS, and usually it’s a raid healer that goes, but I imagine one day they’ll ask me and I’ll be able to go, or one day they’ll be set on healers and I can go in as DPS. I don’t know. How many times have they said “Hey we need a tank for this alt 10 man run” and I speak up saying my Paladin can go. Never. If a tank is needed I throw my warrior out there. I enjoy it a lot more, and he’s main spec Prot, so it makes sense.

I also come from a DPS background, and as much as I like seeing green health bars go up, deep down in my heart I enjoy the hell out of seeing big yellow numbers pop up on my screen.

This also means I’ll have to research another spec. I don’t just half-ass this stuff. If I’m going to commit to this, I’m gonna make sure I know what the hell I’m doing.

So what do you guys think? Would it be worth it to  serve my guild better as an offspec DPS instead of tank? I hardly EVER tank on my Paladin anymore, usually when I just get bored of healing and need something on him.



~ by Sadysm on February 16, 2010.

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