Enter the Shaman

Well, to top off the list of my alts, I’m adding a Shaman into the mix. I’ve ALWAYS wanted a Shaman, ever since BC when I saw a Tauren Enhancement Shaman waltz into the Aldor bank and faceroll all the mobs in there. I also raided with one in BC who did pretty damn well on the meters. I’ve seen my share of Shamans in raids nowadays who do really well, when they’re good, they’re good. I really want to go Enhancement, but I’ve also never had a Caster DPS, so I might do that as well. We’ll have to see. I will be Resto though, it is my goal to have an 80 of each tank and each healer, so Resto is a given.

So, the leveling plan with this guy is, 1-40 I’m going to level as Elemental, just because I don’t think going around whacking things with an axe is gonna be real fun. Shooting balls of lightning fury does. Once I hit 40 or 41(I kinda wanna have both Dual Wield and Stormstrike when I convert), I’m gonna respec over to Enh for questing and Dual Spec into Resto for instances. I’ve already got all the Heirloom items I need(outside of a second Spell Power trinket) for both specs, so all I need to do is sit down and actually level.

On top of this, I’ve still got my Druid sitting at level 71, as well as a Priest at 67. I’m definitely not lacking for alts to level.

Speaking of which, why is it I can’t bring myself to level professions anymore? I want to be Enchanter/Jewelcrafter on my Pally, but I can’t for the life of me actually break down and level Mining on my DK so that I can supply my Pally with the mats to do the leveling. I’ve got no idea what professions I want for my warrior, but I know I wouldn’t level them either. My Druid has Herbalism and Alchemy, but they’re still sitting in the 100’s. The only profession I feel I might actually be able to break down and level is Tailoring on my Priest, but that’s cause mats are insanely easy to farm. Don’t even get me started on secondary professions. Fishing and Cooking on my Pally? No way. I’ve gone through that mess once before on my DK, I kind of want to gouge my eyes out with sporks when I think about leveling Fishing up again. On top of it all, I’ve got 2 80’s that do NOT have Epic Flying on them, and that bugs me. But where to make that 10k gold?!

Seriously, this brings me to the realization that this game is good at one thing: Giving People No Lack Of Things To Do!!!
Everytime I turn around I think of something I’d LIKE to do, but actually making the decision on what to do is hard. I want to level my alts, but I also need to level professions on my main, but then I need to level professions on my Alts to support my main. Oh but then there’s raid time, as well as time spent in the real world with my wife and friends. This seriously bothers me because I hate not feeling like I’m giving 110% in a raid for my guild. I don’t have Dragon’s Eye Gems in my gear, though I’m a JC, that’s not 110% to me. I have to hop on an alt to farm up the mats for Fish Feasts, and I can’t even drop them on my main, that’s not giving it my all in my eyes.

Maybe I’ll just have to take it one step at a time. Once I got into it, Fishing and Cooking weren’t that hard to level, and it really didn’t take me all that long to do both at the same time. I think that’ll be my goal for tomorrow, get Fishing and Cooking up as high as I can. Should really only take me a week or so of really trying to get them both to 450. Then I suppose I’ll work on Mining on my DK, sending all the mats over to my Pally for JC leveling. Hrm. That’s a big order of stuff. Oh well, it’ll get done eventually.



~ by Sadysm on February 21, 2010.

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