So I got my first attempts with my new guild in on Rotface last night. A quick rundown and we were off. First attempt we had him down to 54%. Each attempt after that, unless we had a freak accident and we were definitely wiping right then and there(tank dying for some reason), we got him down to the 30’s. And to be honest, this is the first time in a while I’ve been in a progression raid where I haven’t wanted to complain about something.

So we’re going to try something new here. I’m going to explain the fight, as it pertained to me as a Paladin Healer.

For those of you who don’t know, the way this fight goes(or at least how we did it, obviously strats may vary) is you’ve got one tank tanking Rot in the middle of the room, and you’ve got an off tank out on the perimeter, and everyone else piles up on Rots ass. Fight begins and everyone gets into position, Rot begins to throw out a disease on a random person(which deals decent damage to them over 12 seconds) who then has to run out to the off tank to get cleansed. Once the disease gets cleansed or expires, an add called a Little Ooze spawns, and once you get two of these little adds, they merge into a Big Ooze, which must be kited by the off tank around the room. Once you get 5 Little Oozes to merge into a Big Ooze, it explodes and everyone plays one big game of don’t get hit by the rockets. Disperse for a little bit and once the rockets(not really rockets, just globs of ooze) are done falling, everyone groups back up and it’s rinse and repeat. All while this is happening, Rot will pick a random direction, and turn to puke, causing damage to anyone in his way, so once he turns to puke, everyone has to get out of the way. Eventually what we did is we split up into two groups, and put a group on each leg of Rot, so that when he turns and pukes, only one group has to actually move, allowing the other group to stand and continue DPS. As if that wasn’t enough Professor Putricide will activate Slime Pipes in a random quarter of the room that puts up a slowing poison that hurts pretty bad.

It’s a pretty simple fight, but there are a number of things that can make everything go horribly wrong:
1. Over-Zealous Cleansers – It’s strongly suggested to assign one person to cleanse the diseased person, and tell everyone to not even THINK about touching it. Spawning the little ooze too early can cause unnecessary damage to the raid as each little ooze does 3,400-3,600 damage every 2 seconds to everyone within 10 yards, and make the off tanks job harder. It killed me seeing a disease up on my Grid, but not being able to cleanse it.
2. Not being able to find the Off Tank – We had a hard time last night with DPS finding the Off Tank. The initial disease is fine, everyone meet up at the South side of the room, but after that, it just seems like it was hard for some people to look around the room for either the Big Ooze or the off tank. Marking doesn’t work because DBM puts  a mark up on the Diseased person, and should your Off Tank get the disease(which WILL happen, Murphy’s Law is great!), then his mark is suddenly gone. So unless you’ve got someone who can mark in the middle of the fight, it’s not going to work out real well.
3. DPS not high enough – DPS needs to be really good here, as the interval for the disease gets shorter and shorter as the fight goes on, so eventually you’re going to be dealing with having multiple diseases and multiple little oozes.

All in all, it’s a fairly simple fight on paper, it reality it’s more like organized chaos. Your main thing will be making sure your DPS is high enough and that people can find the Big Ooze or Off Tank.

One thing I did notice, when Rotface pukes, it doesn’t do a whole lot of damage, but don’t take that to mean you can stand there, cause your healers won’t be happy.

As a Pally Healer, this is an extremely simple fight for you. Beacon the off  tank, heal the hell out of the main tank. Tank damage isn’t insanely high(thinking like Marrowgar), so if you get a chance to help out with a little raid healing, do it. Your healing team will thank you.

I’m disappointed we didn’t get him down, but we had to call it early due to people having to go, so definitely next week we’ll have him.


On a side note, went in to do the XT-002 Weekly afterwards, and sure as shit, what drops? Pulsing Spellshield of course. I wanted this thing back when I was a Horde and Ulduar was the place to be, it never dropped. Unfortunately for me it was a slight downgrade, but I gained something I did not have in that slot before, Haste. I went from Vigilant Ward to Pulsing Spellshield, in case you want to compare to two side by side. I lost only a couple BASE Int, but of course I lost the socket. I also believe I lost a couple spell power, and exchanged MP5 for Crit. From a 232 to a 219, it’s not a huge downgrade, I believe it’s worth it to gain the haste that’s there, but the iLvl drop did make me cringe a bit. I can’t wait to get into a 25 ToC and nab the shield in there, or maybe I’ll get lucky and get the one off 25 Marrowgar, though now I have another Pally and 2 Shamans to compete with. Maybe I can convince them to let me get the first healing weapon with Haste on it in exchange for not rolling on the shield, because as much as I cried inside for grabbing a lower iLvl shield, I’m still using a fricken DPS weapon to heal with, and it kills me inside.

But, to make up for it, I got my T10.5(Is it really 10.5 from 25 man? Or is it just plain T10?) helm after one shotting Saurfang.

That’s all for now. Take care.


~ by Sadysm on February 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Rotface”

  1. When my guild does rotface, we do set a mark on the off tank. I think we usually use circle. If you zoom your camera all the way out you can see the off tank at all times and running to him is easy.

    The trick to avoiding Rotface’s pukes (and I learned this the hard way!) is to watch which direction he’s facing. As soon as he turns, you have to run through him. Don’t rely on the DBM warnings because they’re usually off. Raid healers throw crazy hissy fits when people get hit by Slime Spray.

  2. On of my guild’s has the same problem with people not being able to find the kiter. I really don’t understand it. Between keeping your camera zoomed out and seeing their dot on the mini-map, it shouldn’t be too tough.

    One of the biggest problems I see in that fight is when Rotface does his slime spray as an ooze explosion is happening. People need to stay close to rotface as they are running out and not just scatter in all directions or a poorly timed slime spray can kill a lot of people.

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