Libram of Blinding Light

Well, this WAS going to be a post about how I don’t find this Libram as something I’d want, but then I actually LOOKED at it. It gives you 85 Spell Power each time you use Holy Shock, stacking up to 3 times, for a total of 255 Spell Power for 15 seconds. That’s MUCH better than a CHANCE at 234 Spell Power everytime you use Holy Light. I think this might be the next think I buy with Frost Badges, 4pc T10 is so far off, and this is actually a really good Libram to have. I usually throw Holy Shocks out when someone in the raid needs a quick heal, but with this I’d be more inclined to keep it up. One problem though, I would need an addon to track the buff this gives. Right now I’m using ClassTimer, but it doesn’t even track the proc off my Revered Ring, so I don’t think it would track this either.

Any chance one of you guys having  a decent buff tracker, something where I can specify which buffs I want tracked and how much time is left on them? I like the way ClassTimer tracks the buffs, but I need one to track my item CDs.

Any ideas?



~ by Sadysm on February 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “Libram of Blinding Light”

  1. It’s not technically a buff tracker, but Power Auras Classic can do the things you’re looking for.

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