Blood is Thicker than WoW.

Last night we continued our 25 ICC run from Tuesday(shocker, because for the past couple weeks we’ve been doing 25 up to Saurfang and then not making it back in due to attendence issues. Last night though, we got in there and spent pretty much an entire night on Rotface. I assume we did Rotface because our 10 man kills of him were still fresh in our minds, and he was the more challenging fight. What happens? We wipe. Wipe after wipe after wipe. Not wipes at the beginning of the fight either, I’m talking every wipe saw him below the 20% mark, with one leaving him with 270k health left. He was going down last night, I knew it, but I didn’t want to jinx it. All that aside I was watching my (/sarcasm) favorite Paladin healer (/endsarcasm) on the healing meter just to keep an eye on him. Sure enough, for 90% of the fight he was even below one of our Ret Pallys. This in and of itself pisses me off. Sure, when the shit hit the fan and we started wiping, his numbers jumped up, but before that point he was below a Ret Pally. Not cool. 3 or 4 wipes in and I called him out in party chat to start healing full time. In comes his uncle with the healing meters whispered to me. Thanks, I see them. I know what it looks like right now, but that’s NOT what it was the entire fight. Try again. After this he started trying, and we eventually downed Rot. Not that our wipes were DUE to him, but I hate putting forth my 110% to have someone not even give 100%.

After the raid I whisper his uncle and apologize for calling him out like that, but that his nephew needed to work on his healing a bit, that he was standing around quite a bit, and was found being below a ret pally for most of the fight. I was nice, I apologized, I was trying to be mature about it. What did I get in return? “I stand around too, spamming heals doesn’t work.” As well as a link to the Overhealing Done meters, of which our druid healer and myself are on top. “Overheals are bad, if people don’t need heals I’m not casting heals.” This from the Priest, not the one I have a problem with. I calmly explained that Paladin’s are PROACTIVE healers, that if I try to heal reactively then I have no control over a situation and people generally die. Mind you, this is all through whispers. So what does he do? He gets onto Vent, and begins talking to someone else about an article he read saying that in Cataclysm, spamming heals will cause healers to go OOM, that the way to heal in Cataclysm is to choose the right heal at the right time, and anyone NOT doing that right now is “is setting themselves up for failure and is fucking stupid”.

Really? You really want to take our private conversation out onto Vent? Roger the fuck out of that. My response? “When you’re quite fucking done, this is Wrath, NOT Cataclysm. When Cataclysm comes out, I’ll fucking handle it and adjust appropiately, until then, I heal the way I’m fucking supposed to, and I do just fucking fine!”

This followed by a long guild chat message that if I bring a problem to your attention in whispers, it’s quite fucking rude to bring it into Vent or some other public channel. From now on, if I have a problem with someone or something, I’ll be bringing it out for everyone to see and hear, in raid and vent. To fuck with etiquete and keeping the boat from rocking.

Vent pretty much shut down. Our assistant GM started whispering me asking me whats up, and after a few minutes I’m calmed back down, situation is explained. I’m told to bring it up to the healing lead, and if that doesn’t resolve it take it up with the guild leader. I apologize to her for causing a scene, but I absolutely do not stand being told that I’m healing inappropriately when I know damn well I’m a good healer(not trying to toot my own horn, but dammit I know what I’m doing, I know my limits!).

A bit later, I talk to our healing lead about it. I tell him I know this Pally is doing good on the meters, and we’re not wiping because of him, but dammit he’s standing around most of the time, and it’s BS. I inform him of the confrontation with his Uncle(I feel the leaders should know of strife between people in the guild), and that from now on, I’m not being quiet about this stuff, next time I’m calling people out in raid. He acknowledged my concerns, told me he sees it, and that this Pally is just coming back from a hiatus and to give him a bit to get back into his groove. He also threw some flowery stuff in there, telling me I’m a great healer and other shit like that, trying to divert me from this problem, and I know he was doing it. This is the thing that got me though, “I know, and the rest of the leadership knows that you’re a damned good healer, the guild got lucky when we got you, you know you’re class and you know what you’re doing, you’re fully capable of picking up the slack.”


What. The. Fuck. I KNOW this Pally can heal, I’ve seen him do it, he’s quite capable. I have no problem picking up slack from undergeared or people who simply don’t KNOW what to do, but picking up the slack when people simply aren’t giving their full effort, I have a problem with. In the essence of having a cohesive healing team, I told him that I’d hold off on speaking to the Guild Leader, and give this guy another week or two, but if his shit doesn’t start coming together, it’s over. When I hear people complaining that they’re not getting invited to raids, and this ass hat is here, but not putting forth a full effort, I have a problem, and if I was a Guild Leader or Raid Leader, I’d want to know.

So, I’ll give him another couple weeks. Maybe I’ll actually try talking TO him, see if that’ll do some good. But somehow I doubt it. If he doesn’t improve, I’m lobbying to have him out of the raid group.

In other news, I joined this guild with 3 iLvl 232 pieces, and I’ve replaced two of them. I got Lockjaw off of 10 man Rotface, and I nabbed Bulwark of Smoldering Steel(I think that’s right?) off 25 man Marrowgar. I snagged the Frost Emblem healing belt(replacing my 264 belt from Gunship, due to it not having haste), as well as the Rot-Resistant Breastplate from Rotface last night.  All in all I’m upgrading quite nicely, bringing me to 33k unbuffed mana, 2921 Spell Power, and 809 haste. All unbuffed. I felt like a machine gun last night with my 700 something haste, 1.02 second Flash of Lights were quite fun. All I can do now is save up for the Frost Emblem gloves, and get 3 more Primordial Saronites to have the craftable boots made and I’ll be mostly set. Except for my neck piece. I’m still rocking the 232 neck piece from Forge of Souls. I DID win the neck piece from 10 man Gunship, but then in the same run I had to trade it to get Lockjaw(from another Pally Healer who won it, but I make all 25 man raids while he does not, so he willingly made the trade for the benefit of the guild). So I finally got rid of that damned DPS weapon.

I know this means nothing, but it’s a nice number that I like looking at, but my Gearscore has risen to 3059, bringing me to the 9th ranked person in my guild, and the 29th Holy Paladin on the Alliance side of the server.  Like I said, I don’t swear by this number, and I don’t judge by it, but it’s nice to see where I stand against the other Paladins on my server and in my guild. It also helps me judge on when to pass on loot and who to pass it to.

Anyways, sorry for the lack of posts lately, between work and raiding, I’ve had to fix my motorcycle, and my computer, so I’ve been a little preoccupied. I feel bad to the one person I have subscribed to me. I get a few hits a day, some days I get none, but still, if people are going to read it, I feel I should be putting stuff out there, stuff you guys want to read. So please, if you feel like there’s something here you’d like to see, let me know. Anything, seriously, it doesn’t have to be about the Paladin class, or healing, or even about raiding or WoW. This is a place for me to vent and to talk, but it’s about you guys too. So help me make this better for you, what would you like to see?



~ by Sadysm on March 11, 2010.

5 Responses to “Blood is Thicker than WoW.”

  1. You know, my guild might have an opening…. We provide a fantastic healing environment ;D /shameless recruiting

    You don’t have to worry about posting every day, the beauty of feedreaders is that people get posts when they get them. I never notice who *doesn’t* post, only who does post.

    Does your guild run WoL? It’s really the best way to see who’s pulling their weight. When I encounter a bad healer, the first thing I do is check their # of casts. (You can run WoL on your own, even if your guild doesn’t, you don’t need to be registered with a guild to post stats.)

    How much do you bet your guild leadership is spamming /ochat with how frustrated they are about the standing around guy?

    Hopefully the guy will lose interest and leave soon. It’s annoying to have a dead weight member of a team.

    • As much as I feel the love, I server transfered to get to where I am now, and most guilds raid times aren’t really great for me. This current guild has great raid times, and outside of what I’ve posted about, a great raid team. Just for kicks and giggles though, what times do you raid(and what IS your server time? Currently I’m on a Central server) and what server are you on?

      I’m not so much worried about posting every day, as I am about making these posts more than me venting about BS and bragging about gear.

      As for WoL, I’m gonna start running it. I really appreciate you mentioning it, because the only information I’ve got is what I’ve seen and what Recount shows. Something like this will really back me up if I decide to cause trouble. Because as much as I’d like it, I don’t think this guy is leaving. He LIVES with his Uncle, and so far as I know, does not work in any shape or form, so he’s a leech. I’m not holding my breath on this.

      • Finding a guild with compatible raid times is the worst. It did take me forever to find a guild that raided at decent hours too. I’m on Ner’zhul, a pacific server, and we raid Tues, Thur, Mon from 6-9, with two 10 man teams on the side (one is Wen-Sun, the other just Sun).

        WoL is really nice. Recount is horribly inaccurate for healing and it doesn’t show a whole lot of information. With WoL, you get easy to read breakdowns of all the spells a person casts, with # of casts, plus graphs of healing done over the course of a fight. Since you have a healer who only starts healing at the end, it’s easy to show on the graph that he doesn’t start healing until the end of the fight.

  2. Sheesh, an actual Pacific server, those are unheard of! Then again, I’ve never actually LOOKED for a server with my time zone, so that would be my fault. Unfortunately with my RL schedule, I can only raid 2 days a week. But I do appreciate the offer:-).

    And yeah, I’m definitely going to run WoL next week during raid, and I’m going to keep an eye on everything.

  3. I don’t believe I have seen this said that way before. You really have made this so much clearer for me. Thanks!

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