Real Progression Raids

You know, it’s been a while since I’ve been in a raid where we beat our head against a boss until we leave, and we leave with our heads down because we know that there’s no way we could have done that fight.

I wish I was talking about Putricide, or Blood Princes, or even Blood Queen. Hell in a dream world I’d be talking about Lich King. No, friends, I’m talking about Festergut.

We went in with full intentions on mopping the floor with him. Right now we’re RIGHT on that bubble, the point where we’ve finally got the gear to pull off the DPS required to bring him down, all we need to do is bring our A Team, our A Game, and make him puke his purples.

Last night was most definitely not that night. First, we were down every single Ret Pally in our guild(and that’s a lot, we’ve got more Ret Pallys than we do anything else I believe). So we’re down 2 or 3 of our good DPS. To add on to it, we’re experiencing server lag, random DCs, it was horrible. Oh, and did I mention one of our Main Tanks had an emergency and we had to sub in our new Druid Tank? Who’s really undergeared for this part of ICC? Yeah. It wasn’t working last night.

On the upside(always have to look at the positive right?!), it was a very humbling experience has a healer. Not only was I given a sub-geared tank and told to keep him up, I had a DPS give me a tip on how to heal, and it was something I’d NEVER heard of before, and looking at it, I should be doing this all the damned time. Oh, and did I mention that this tanks wife is our new Pally Healer, who made me look like a fool on the meters? Yeah. Humbling experience indeed.

Anyways, I was introduced to Hand of Sacrifice last night. Hell, JUST last night I was complaining to myself that Pally’s don’t have any good CD’s to cast on a tank to reduce his incoming damage, like Pain Suppression for example. That’s when our resident DK informed me of Hand of Sacrifice. So I read up on it, made a macro, and used it. I could instantly tell that it was making a difference. I’ve also noticed that it’s really not required to pop Divine Shield when you use it either. Yeah it’s nice, but even with Fester hitting with his 3 stacks of Inhaled Blight, I wasn’t taking a whole lot of damage(though keep in mind this works with our group, we’ve got GREAT Raid heals, it’s always considered polite to let your healers know you’re going to be taking a little extra damage!).

On the flipside, I informed our Mages and Shadow Priest that they could live through his Pungent Blight without being Innoculated by means of Ice Block and Dispersion, which would leave them open to not having to move to get spores. So I guess it all worked out.

Except for the fact that we couldn’t down him. Little things going wrong added up to a boss still alive. Another week through 10 mans and more gear going out and we should have him. Our best attempts had him down to 7% when he enraged, which was about 3.7 million if I remember correctly.

In other news, I’ve been severely neglecting my alts. I don’t believe I’ve run a daily in over a week on my warrior, and forget about my DK, I haven’t even logged him on to do anything except check his Blacksmithing to see what I could make. I’ve toyed about on my Druid a bit in the past couple days, but that’s it. Oh well, they’re alts right? No matter how much I want my Warrior to be ICC ready for DPS, I don’t think it’ll happen. For some reason I can pull 4-6k in a Heroic, but get me into a raid and I’m down to 2-3k. It’ s absurd, Arms defintely isn’t that hard, but for some reason I just don’t have it down in a raid setting. I’ll just have to get more practice in on him, get him into some more ToC runs, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to put him into an ICC 10 man. I can only hope.

I’m 1 Primordial Saronite away from getting the Protectors of Life crafted. I’m hoping to save up some money over the next few days to just buy it, since I don’t see me saving another 23 Frost Emblems until next week. I’m impatient like that. My boots are the only piece of gear besides my Cloak that I can get some Haste on. I’m up to 820 with my Exalted Ashen Verdict ring, and I know that’s overkill, but I love it. Now that I’m here, I can start building up my other stats, mostly my crit, which is hovering around the 30% mark.

Anyways, that’s it for now. Keep fighting the good fight!



~ by Sadysm on March 18, 2010.

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