Professor Putricide

So I was finally present during this fight, and we ended up getting it down. When I first tried it with the guild, it was explained as chaos, pure and simple. But when actually getting into it, it’s not too bad, even if there IS little room for error. So here we go.

Phase 1:
Begins with 1 tank grabbing Putricide and taking him to the left side of the room(as you’re facing into it), while the second tank runs to the table, clicks on it and becomes the Abom. The Abom’s purpose is to pick up the pools of slime that spawn, and to snare the oozes that spawn. Putricide is tanked on the left side until a green ooze spawns, and is then kited to the right side of the room. The green ooze will target a random player and root them in place, but still allow them to heal and DPS(if in range). Once the ooze spawns the raid has to switch DPS to the ooze to bring it down before it reaches it’s target. If it reaches the target it does damage split between the number of people that were on top of the target, and knocks everyone back.

Once the green ooze is down, DPS lays back into Putricide until a red ooze spawns. The red ooze will target a random player and put a stacked debuff on them doing significant damage over time. This debuff decreases its stacks over time and cannot be cleansed off. Should the red ooze catch up to it’s target while the debuff remains it explodes causing raid wide damage, so once it spawns, it’s important for the DPS to get this thing down as quickly as possible. Once again, after the ooze spawns Putricide is kited over to the opposite side of the room.

That’s Phase 1 in a nutshell, DPS the oozes, stay out of slime pools, get Putricide down as you can. It’s all about getting those adds down quickly so you can get time in on the boss.

Phase 2:

At 80% Putricide stuns the raid, runs to his table and starts taking shots of potions, grows two new arms, and adds a little more chaos into the mix of the fight. Phase 2 is the same as Phase 1 with the addition of Malleable Goo, in which Putricide will launch a blue blob of goo at someone, which should be dodged(get out of its way, it moves slow so it’s pretty easy). If it hits it does damage and reduces casting/attack speed by 200% for 15 seconds, so it’s bad juju. Putricide will also begin dropping Choking Gas Bombs, which are two flasks placed on the ground around him that create an orange cloud and explode after 20 seconds, killing ANYONE in a 10 yard radius. So Putricide MUST be kited away from these as soon as they drop. This on top of the Green/Red Oozes that are still spawning. Enjoy this, you’ll be doing it until 35%.

Phase 3:

Once he hits 35%, add stop spawning(though any adds still alive will remain, so it’s important to make sure not to push him into P3 with any adds up), and the Abom disappears. P3 is a complete and utter DPS race. Slimes are still going to spawn on the ground, and they will grow. Putricide still drops his Choking Gas Bombs, and shoots Malleable Goo. He now also stacks a debuff on the tank called Mutated Plague, that does raid-wide damage. Should someone die or the debuff fall off of someone(minute long timer), Putricide gets healed and you better believe it’s probably a wipe. General consensus is to let one tank get the debuff up to 2 stacks, have the other tank taunt, get his debuff up to 2 stacks, then they switch off at a single stack(tank 1 gets up to 3 stacks, tank 2 taunts and gets his 3rd stack, etc). Meanwhile he’s being kited, around Bombs and all the slime on the ground. Oh, did I mention he stacks a buff on himself called Mutated Strength that increases his damage done over time? Yeah. Phase 3 is insane.

As a Paladin healer, this isn’t the most friendly fight you’ve ever seen. He doesn’t hit terribly hard, but the challenge is having to heal on the run. Not SO bad in Phase 1 and 2, but damned if the damage in P3 doesn’t add up over time. On top of the fact that you have to KEEP moving, it’s just not fun. I’m really not looking forward to attempting him on 25 man, because I know our guild does not have the DPS to get him down. Especially since we’re having big trouble with Festergut.

In other news, I’ve successfully completed building a Ret set. It is a conglomorate of whatever plate DPS gear I can get my hands on, with various emblem gear and stuff I’ve picked up to keep it from getting sharded. I filled it with green quality strength gems, and enchanted it with the lowest enchants I could find, and took it into a heroic. I pulled anywhere from 4-6k DPS with it. That right there folks explains to me why we have so many Ret Paladins in our guild, because they are so easy to play. Easy to do well with, perhaps hard to be exceptional with. At this point I now need to farm more emblems and start nabbing T9 and other various emblem gear so that I can compete somewhat with the DPS in our guild.  We’re getting to the point that everyone and their mother has the axe off of 25 Marrowgar, so I’m hoping that I can nab one soon enough. Oh, and I also have to farm up honor for epic quality gems so I can replace these green quality ones I have right now.

Are there any tips for a new Ret Pally? I’ve done my reading, I know the priority systems, but when do I pop Avenging Wrath? I usually do it on bosses, but I’ve seen other Retadins pop it all the time. Also, to Consecrate or not? I’m having mana issues usually(yes I’m using Divine Plea, not on every cooldown, but when I need it. What can I say, Holy Paladin habits are hard to break!), so dropping a Consecration is gonna hurt me mana wise.

On an off Warcraft topic, does anyone know how to use WordPress to get a link for people to use to have the new email address where everyone can see it?

That’s it for now, keep up the good fight!


~ by Sadysm on March 24, 2010.

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