Valithra Dreamwalker

I got called into the guilds “Progression 10 Man” run to fill in for a healer who wasn’t there, and we started up on Dreamwalker. After about 2 minutes of explanation, we decided to just give it a go so I could see the fight(we 9 manned it, someone had to go AFK and we were pretty sure we weren’t gonna 1 shot it). What had been happening is they would get to about 70% and adds would just overwhelm them. No idea why. So, one wipe later I’m doing some reading on how to do this as a Paladin, and as it turns out, this is something like my signature fight. It was built for a Paladin.

So here we are, second attempt. I’m nervous, excited, all kinds of pumped and ready to go. I’m beaconing our tank and healing the Dreamwalker(though what I read was to simply stick to beaconing Valithra and healing myself, leave everything else alone, our guild had a different strategy, so I stuck with that to see how it’d work), I blow all my cooldowns right off the bat, I’m throwing out Holy Lights like it’s going out of style. Enter first Dream phase, nabbing 6 orbs, 6 stacks of the debuff, but shit, I’m behind her while the rest of the raid is in front of her, gotta run. Next Dream phase it’s the same thing. I’m getting pissed cause I’m not paying attention to where I’m gonna come out at, and I know it’s hurting my output. Every dream phase after that I managed to drop out between her and the raid, less time running is more time healing. Her health is going up like there’s no fricken tomorrow. Within what seems like 2 minutes she’s at 80%, we’ve already made progression. Then it happens….

I missed a dream phase. I completely spaced out spamming my heal button, watching my 94k-97k Holy Light crits, and I was completley oblivious to the fact that more portals had spawned. Every last one of my stacks dropped off. I’m cussing myself and blowing more cooldowns to try to keep my output up. Guild Leader calls for Heroism. Oh HELL no. “You blow Heroism and I’m cutting your balls off! Give me two Dream Phases, I’ll let you know when I’m out.”

Two portals later we blow Heroism, I’ve pop my trinket(only thing off CD), and I’m back in business. As Hero is coming to an end I notice portals back up, and I for some reason made the split second decision that this fight was ending now, cause I stayed out and healed. I don’t even remember looking at Dreamwalkers health to determine if I COULD make it off the stacks I had up, but I must have because about 10 seconds after Hero the fight is over. We two shot her.

The healing for that fight was insane.

That may be par for the course, but still, that’s rather insane. Talking to the other healers, we’ve determined that the next time we get into that fight, we’re going to 2 heal it, with one healer supporting the raid while I focus solely on Dreamwalker and see how that works.

All in all though, this is by far my favorite fight out of everything I’ve ever done in Warcraft. It takes the cake. Wins by a mile. Think of any saying that signifies a complete blowout, and you still can’t come close to how much I loved this fight compared to everything else I’ve done in this game. I can’t wait to get into this fight on 25 man(though we’re a ways off).

In other news, I’m getting ready to overhaul this Blog. I’m definitely not a Human anymore, and I feel like I haven’t even finished putting this thing together. There are a ton of things I want to do with this Blog, but I don’t know if I have the time or resources to do it. I’d like a section dedicated to videos of raids from a Holy Paladins perspective, and I’d even like to get my OWN videos up(though I’d have to learn how to create them, edit them, upload them, all that stuff). Is this how having a Blog is going to be, a list of things I’d LIKE to do, but it never really happening? Oh well, at least tonight I’ll get some new pictures up, maybe a revamp of how this place looks. Also, I’d kind of like some advice on how to get this Blog out to more people. I’m really ecstatic that I get 2-5 hits a day, sometimes going up from there, but I feel like maybe I’m just not putting it out there enough. How do you guys get your blogs out to the masses?

Keep up the good fight,


~ by Sadysm on March 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Valithra Dreamwalker”

  1. Yay! Grats on Dreamwalker!

    I do really love the Dreamwalker fight, makes me feel like a real Paladin.

    As for getting your blog out there, I recommend commenting on other blogs- networking can be a lot of work, but it’s very rewarding. Don’t do it with the sole intention of getting traffic though, do it to meet other bloggers/readers and getting a feel for the community. Also getting involved at Blog Azeroth is a great way to be known.

    • Thanks a lot! It definitely is an amazing fight that feels like it was tailor made for me and my class in mind.

      And yeah, I’ll definitely have to get to viewing other blogs. The ones I DO read I’ve pretty much picked up from IPhone apps. Time to add more to my Google Reader!

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