Shared Topic: Start Over

Here we go, you’re about to witness the popping of my Shared Topic cherry. Feel special, very special.

If I was given the chance to start over in WoW, I definitely would start off at 80, or at least 60. I absolutely hate the 1-60 grind. Quests done in Vanilla just aren’t put together as well as they are in BC and beyond. That’s beside the point. Anyways, I’d start off at 80, and I’d have to switch out my DK for a Shaman, most definitely. I got burned out on the DK class, and one of my most vivid memories in this game was in BC seeing a Tauren Shaman roll into the Aldor bank, all kinds of swagger, just screaming “I’m an ELITE BADASS!” He had two of the biggest axes I had seen at that point, and single handedly destroy every inhabitant in there.

So here’s to you, Enhancement Tauren Shaman on Malfurion, you’ve created a dream in this guy to one day be a big axe wielding Shaman, and to beat on things with said axes. However, just recently on the PTR I had a Shaman, and I fell in love with Resto(and unfortunately, Elemental was easier to pick up on than Enhance). So were I to have a Shaman, he would definitely have to be Resto main and Enhance off spec.

As for my other  80s, I absolutely love them. However, I’d save myself the gold and the hassle and just not spec Prot on my Paladin. To put all kinds of work into it, just to realize I don’t like it, and to hardly ever use it, is just a waste. Then I wouldn’t be fighting to get enough gear to do decent DPS in ICC this late in the game.

So, I would definitely have a Draenei Shaman, Dwarf(I hate my NE self) Warrior, and a Draenei Paladin. That’s Alliance by the way. If I could have my way, I’d have a Tauren Shaman, Tauren Warrior, and Draenei Paladin. I’m sorry, Horde just looks a lot more bad ass in most cases. I’ve always wanted an 80 Tauren, but unforunately my current guild and raiding situation only allows me to be Alliance. Although, I’ve got a buddy who’s just started back into playing, so I might transfer one character over back to my Horde server and play with him a bit. Not sure.

Speaking of which, one thing that really does bug me is that Horde and Alliance can’t play together. Yeah yeah I know it goes against lore and all that other crap. But seriously, who cares? Why can’t we have a couple servers that allow this? I’m not really fond of being stuck somewhere because the only guild I’ve found that works with my times happens to be Alliance. I mean, I like my Pally being Draenei, I love it. I absolutely hated being a Blood Elf. Some part of my manhood drained away everytime I logged on when I was Horde and I saw his hip sticking out like that. I cried a little everytime I saw it. I think, when Cataclysm comes out I might go back to being Horde, because frankly, Tauren Paladin is like a dream come true to me. Lore be damned, I’m gonna be a Holy Cow someday!



~ by Sadysm on March 29, 2010.

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