My absence

Not that it matters, but work has been busting my ass lately. Once again I’ve had to take a step back from serious raiding. I’ve hopped into the fray when time permits, but unfortunately those moments are few and far between. And mostly, the days when I AM on, I have no urge to raid. The situation where we hit a progression boss and we begin that process of beating our heads against the wall is not fun for me when I’m stressed all day at work. The situation was explained to our guild leaders and they understood.

So in the absence of raiding I have been playing my alts. I’ve gotten my druid pretty much ready for 10 ICC(even got him into a 10 ICC run where I nabbed a Heroic Midnight Sun and some DPS gear), and I’m definitely having trouble deciding if I want to off spec him as Feral Tank or Balance for DPS. Not sure. Might bounce between the two.

My warrior has been pretty much left alone. I can’t get him in to tank a 10 ICC, and really 25 ToC is the only available place for upgrades to him. So I only use him when the guild needs a tank for a random raid or heroic.

I’ve been leveling a Shaman and Priest, depending on my mood at the time. My Shaman has risen to 48, and I’m making the trek to 80 slowly but surely. I’m hoping to get him there before Cataclysm hits, as if the class stays as fun as it is now, I might swap him in as my main. There’s just something about Jesus Beams that makes me giggle inside, and that’s something I’ve been missing from this game for a long time. This has also led to long discussions with our healing lead, who happens to be a Resto Shaman. He is well aware of my dislike right now of the Paladin class, so maybe I’ll have someone in my corner if I do make the switch. My Priest I’ve been trying to level as Disc(randoms only mind you), but it doesn’t seem to be working too well. Something about the Priest class just isn’t making it into my train of thought. I’m doing something wrong. Bubble on the tank? Right. Flash Heal and Penance, got it. Oops, out of mana 75% into the fight. Seriously that’s pretty much how it goes. So for now I’m Shadow, and I’ve done a little question while waiting for DPS queues. I’ve also got a Mage around the 46 range that I’m having some fun with, though queue times are making leveling her a bit slow.

And as usual, my Death Knight sits in the corner by himself. I don’t think I’ll ever recover from the burnout I had with him. I use him to tank weeklys. Only when every other character is saved. Thats it. Or when someone needs something crafted with his Blacksmithing. I can’t bring myself to put any more time into him. Oh well.

Anyways, that’s what has been going on with me. Hope all is well out there in your neck of the woods.

Keep fighting the good fight,


~ by Sadysm on May 31, 2010.

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