This is a blog about me, Sadysm. It’s also about the Holy Paladin, except for when it’s about Prot Paladins, and Prot Warriors, and DKs. What’s going on?

I’ve been playing WoW since just before Burning Crusade came out, where I leveled both a Hunter and a Paladin, taking both through Kara. Made it so far as SSC and The Eye on my Hunter, and between Deployments and real life, took a sort of break until finally, I came over to the Bloodscalp Server, where I proceeded to level a new Paladin(Thank you Recruit-A-Friend), as well as a DK. Once my DK hit 80, I jumped right into the raiding scene, doing what I could to not completely suck, eventually becoming one of the top DPS in the guild. Just before Ulduar came out, I was introduced into the world of Tanking, and after gearing up and becoming one of the guilds main tanks, went through Ulduar, clearing Yogg on 10 man, and up to Vezax on 25 man, as well as full clearing both 10 and 25 man ToC when they came out. Eventually though, real life took it’s toll and I had to step back from raiding, and took the time to level my Paladin up to 80 with the intention of healing. Gearing him up, I decided to server transfer to my original server of Malfurion, where I came back to the Alliance to wield the light in its favor. Eventually I transfered all my main characters over, which include my Paladin(Holy/Prot), DK(Tank/DPS), and a newly added Warrior(Prot/Fury). I guess you could say I like to tank, well I also love to heal.

Anyways, this is a place for me to put my ramblings, talk about what interests me, and maybe help out some up and coming Holy Paladin somewhere down the line.


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  1. Thank you for the info

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