Here’s a list of the characters I seem to enjoy playing, be they mains or not.

Oh, hello there. That’s Sadysm, doing what he does best. Standing around Ironforge trying to impress the ladies with the size of his Holy Light! He started out wanting to heal, and did just that, but then the call of tanking just proved too much, so he started tanking. But tanking was mean, things beat his pretty face, and he just couldn’t have that now could he? So back to healing for him!

In all seriousness, I both tank and heal on this guy, depending on my mood or what my friends need at the time. Although I find Paladin Tanking rather boring, it’s quite easy, and tanks are real short on my server/battlegroup,  so I keep it around instead of going Ret. In his heart though, Sadysm is a healer.

Don’t mind him, that’s just my warrior Sadystic being jealous, and showing off his pimp new tanking sword. Seriously, he runs around showing off to all the squirrels how he got 6 tanking upgrades in ONE 10 man ToC. Amazing. He loves to tank, cause he can’t bring home the bacon with Fury. Something about not being able to pull it off, or whatever.

This is my fun character. I happen to absolutely love Warrior tanking. So many buttons, and buttons are good. I inherited this guy from a friend who quit playing(at level 75), leveled him to 80 with the intent to tank and right to bear arms. All in all a great experience for me. Paladin tanking is simply too easy and too faceroll for my tastes, with this guy I actually have to pay attention in heroics, and all the squirrels love it when I pay attention!

It’s time to boogey with this guy. Here’s my original main, from my Hordie Bloodscalp days. Sadysmic has to be busting a move if he’s not blocking things with his face. It took a bit to of getting used to, but he likes the idea, or he liked it more when he was an Orc, SADY SMASH!

He was my raider up until I had to take a break. Between real life and just getting burned out on him though, I don’t quite use him anymore unless I need something crafted with his Blacksmithing skills. One day I’ll make him a Dual Wielding Frost tank and perhaps I’ll go back to Unholy(Blood is SO boring) for some changes, but seriously, with my previous characters, who can leave them?!

Well, those are my 80’s. A section for my up and comings will be here shortly, so stay tuned!


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